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We are Oakland Animal Attic, a full service wildlife removal company servicing Oakland, Ca. Our wildlife control and removal company is not a pest removal company. Instead, we focus on removing a range of animals and reptiles with humane methods. We do so efficiently and have many specialties, including bird control. We can stop pigeons and other birds from choosing your building as the perfect roosting spot. Our experience with bats allows us to remove 100% of bats in a colony, regardless of its size. Best of all, we do this without harming any of the bats within the colony. Another major specialty is removing animals that are in the attic. You may hear squirrels, raccoons, or rats scurrying around your attic at night, in which case the sounds will seem to come from your ceiling. We also have extensive experience removing animals from walls and getting rid of critters that are digging up your lawn. In addition to the physical removal services for various animals, our team can assist you with cleanup and repairs. We complete professional-grade repairs to prevent animals from getting inside your home in the future, sanitize and clean your attic, and repair interior damage the animals caused, such as tearing ducts or insulation. All of our services make use of our extensive training and knowledge, including our regular attendance of industry conferences. Call us now at 510-867-2390 for a solution to your wild animal problem.

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Our Service Range

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Oakland Wildlife Removal Tip of the Month: What Smells Repel Squirrels?

Squirrels may look adorable but dealing with them can be a pain in the neck. They can cause a considerable amount of damage in our Oakland garden. They will basically chew the leaves, stalks and roots of our plants. In case you want to keep this creature at bay, using different types of odor that they found irritating can be a great solution.

Different Smells That May Repel Squirrels
While there are no studies that can attest to the efficacy of various smells that can get rid of the squirrels, some people still use them since it is convenient and easy to use.

Cider Vinegar
The California squirrels hate the smell of the cider vinegar. This is according to the report of the Humane Society of the US. Due to this, you can probably use cider vinegar to drive them away. Use a rag or a piece of cloth and put a decent amount of cider vinegar. Place them near the nesting ground of the squirrels. Once the scent of the cider vinegar evaporates, replace the cloth at once.

Spicy Scent
The spicy odor can be an effective deterrent against squirrel. Cayenne pepper and white pepper contains capsaicin that can discourage the squirrels from invading our property. Simply sprinkle your plants with cayenne pepper flakes and it can deter the activities of unwanted guests. Be sure to spray the plant with water in order to prevent the flakes from being blown away by the wind. Reapplication is imperative after every rain or once the potency of the flakes has been diminished.

Mothballs scent will remind you about your Grandma’s old closet; however, most wildlife creatures especially the squirrels dislike the smell of the mothballs. In case you are dealing with squirrel invasion, using mothballs can temporarily solve your issues. You need to be careful in using the mothballs since it can irritate your mucous membrane. Replace the mothballs as soon as the scent fades.

Urine of the Animals
The scent of the urine of their Oakland predators can frighten the squirrels. There are squirrel deterrent sold in the market and they are all designed to replicate the scent of the predator’s urine. Most of them are available in spray or liquid form. Reapplication should be according to the instruction of the manufacturers. Once they smell the urine of the predator, they will immediately associate it with their frightening predator and will avoid the area immediately.

Skunk Smell
Just like humans, squirrels can be deterred by using the scent of the skunk. While it may be impossible to collect the spray of the skunk and place it in a bottle, you can opt for a substitute such as the crown imperial. The scent that it releases has a similarity with the spray of the skunk. The bulb of this plant can be purchased in your local store.

Using scent to keep the squirrels away from our property can be effective but only for a short amount of time. For a long-term result, an expert wildlife removal company can effectively eliminate the squirrels and prevent future infestation.