The Natural Predators of Pigeon

The Oakland pigeons are often described as rats with wings due to the severe damages that they can cause to our properties. Pigeons can be found in different parts of the city. The structure provides them an array of opportunities to establish their nest. It also enables them to have a quick access to food. In New York alone, the news claimed that there are at least 7 million of them. However, you are probably wondering why you are not seeing any dead body. The answer is that they are all inside the stomach of the predator.

What Animals Eat Pigeon?
It is quite hard for the pigeon to survive in an area that is infested with different predators. Pigeons have forged a deep relationship with humans; however, once their use became obsolete, it seems that the public formed a new opinion about them.

The seagulls have a unique way of killing the pigeons. Using their strong beaks, they will hold them on their head and drag them to the lake. They will then drown them before eating them. This aggressive behavior is quite unusual for this bird. Usually, they will prefer to eat crustaceans and aquatic creatures such as small fish and insects. The gulls will hunt the pigeon like a vicious hawk. They have muscular feet that will strangle the poor bird to death.

A hawk eating a pigeon will probably happen multiple times per day. In fact, they treat Oakland pigeons as a main prey item such as the rats due to their population. In fact, there are decoys sold in the market that can control the activities of the pigeons in your property for a couple of days. The hawks will also attack smaller rodents in the city. Unfortunately, if your house has been visited by a hawk, small dogs and cats can also be in danger.

The California falcons are major birds of prey. With their sharp talons, the fragile bones and skin of the pigeon will be vulnerable against their attack. The female species will be larger compared to the male. At least 99% of their diet is composed of other birds such as pigeons but they do occasionally eat mammals and reptiles such as the bats, lemmings, and voles. In certain areas, they will have to rely on insects to supply their body with the necessary nutrients.

Our house cat will be a good deterrent against the presence of the pigeons. By simply adding the cat walk on your ledges, the usual roosting site of the pigeons will be free from their presence. This is a more excellent option than using the urine of the predators and decoys to repel the infestation of the pigeons.

Knowing the predators of the pigeons will enable you to perform scare tactics that can temporarily keep them away. Nonetheless, this scare tactic should be combined with other exclusion method and house modification to completely end your problem on your pigeon infestation.

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